3D Optical Profilometer

Contour Elite X

Production-ready metrology and high-fidelity imaging for industrial applications


Contour Elite X

The fully automated, large-sample Contour Elite X 3D Optical Profiler combines unmatched measurement capabilities with highest vertical resolution over the industry’s largest field of view and high-fidelity color or monochrome imaging. No other metrology system provides the non-contact accuracy, throughput, operator convenience, and imaging capabilities to address such a vast range of production metrology applications. Designed from the ground up for the most demanding R&D, quality assurance, and process quality control needs, the Contour Elite X offers the ultimate gage-capable 3D optical profiling solution.

optical measurements
Inform quantifiable R&D and QA/QC decisions.
Reveals previously hidden microscopic details.
staging and fixturing
Tailors metrology to your specific sample and application.



Color Imaging and Metrology Combined

The addition of high-fidelity color imaging, with exclusive side illumination and advanced algorithms, gives Contour Elite X users access to additional perspectives not possible on systems that provide metrology alone, as well as the capability to provide recognizable surface feature details for reporting. This enables users to segment data based on color or grayscale information to rapidly select areas of interest and collect critical metrology data from these specific regions. Combining high-end metrology with the ability to see, recognize, and display what was measured is of great importance, not only for understanding the data, but also for communicating the results.

3D height map of a printed circuit board (PCB) with color image overlay.

Best Lateral and Vertical Resolution

Live view of defocused surface of a metallic cylinder (left) with a traditional interferometry profiler. Clear through-focus image (right) measured with Contour Elite using the enhanced imaging function.

The Contour Elite X system boasts the best combined lateral and vertical resolution over the industry’s largest field of view, with a sub-nanometer to greater than 10 millimeters vertical range. It includes the R&D 100 Award-winning AcuityXR measurement technology, which provides the ability to break the diffraction limit in your optical measurements. In addition, the system can utilize a megapixel camera that increases X-Y spatial resolution. A large field of view and objective magnifications from 1X to 115X enable characterization of an extremely wide range of surface shapes and textures.

Rapid, Non-Destructive Imaging

The Contour Elite X profiler is a non-contact system with a large stage that leaves your samples or parts intact and undamaged. Our patented white light interferometry (WLI) technology acquires height data with sub-nanometer precision that is independent of the magnification used. This means that, even when sampling over a million data points in a millimeters-squared image area, a user is able to collect high-resolution height data—all within a few seconds.


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