Latest Advancements in Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy: Resolution, Performance and Speed

Learn more about FASTspectra and resonance enhanced AFM-IR mode

Experience FASTspectra and resonance-enhanced AFM-IR on the nanoIR2-FS

In this webinar, nanoscale infrared spectroscopy (nanoIR) experts discuss the latest advancements in nanoIR, including:

  • FASTspectra technology
  • Resonance enhanced AFM-IR
  • Quantitative AFM-IR

Webinar Summary

During this webinar, the presenters introduce the nanoIR2-FS platform with FastSpectraTM technology with multiple upgrades to IR and AFM capabilities.


This webinar contains the following sections:

  • Introduction to Anasys Instruments
  • Introduction to nanoscale IR spectroscopy
  • Recent major advances: FastSpectraTM technology, extended-range resonance enhanced source, and new complementary AFM and spectroscopy techniques
  • New publications and applications overview: Quantitative AFM-IR, Life sciences applications, materials science applications
  • Question and answer session


This webinar also contains answer to the following question:

  • How do you how prepare polymeric and biological samples for AFM-IR?
  • Can you comment on the spatial resolution of the AFM-IR technique?
  • What is the wavelength range covered by the laser source?
  • Are wavelengths above 3600 cm-1 accessible?
  • How can IR spectroscopy determine the crystallinity of a material?
  • What laser source is required for s-SNOM?
  • Does the IR laser interact with the AFM tip, and how would that affect the measurements?
  • What probe should be used for AFM-IR and s-SNOM?
  • In s-SNOM, does the peak position shift with changing sample thickness?
  • Can you perform co-localized measurements using nanoTA, LCR, and nanoIR?
  • How would measurements be affected for a hard surface covered in a liquid lubricant?
  • Can AFM-IR be performed in controlled atmospheric conditions?
  • Is it possible to get quantitative mechanical measurements from the contact resonance frequency measured? 

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Kevin Kjoller

VP of Product Development, Bruker Anasys Instruments

Dr. Craig Prater

Chief Technology Officer, Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp