Online Demo of the nanoIR3 System - Photothermal AFM-IR

Discover how nanoscale chemical information can be obtained with the industry-leading nanoIR3-s system.

This online demo shows how Photothermal AFM-IR is performed and operated practically in real-time with the nanoIR3-s setup in Karlsruhe (Germany) on a typical polymer blend sample. Steps for proper setup and alignment, local nanoscale IR spectroscopy, IR chemical imaging at defined wavenumbers with high spatial resolution, and hyperspectral Imaging are demonstrated.

Note: For attendees who are new to nanoscale IR techniques, prior attendance in the session “Two Complementary Nanoscale IR Techniques: Photothermal AFM-IR and s-SNOM” is recommended.


Dr. Anirban Roy

Senior Applications Scientist

Cassandra Phillips

Sales Applications Scientist