Nanoscale AFM-IR Spectroscopy and Imaging for Failure Analysis of Electronic Devices

Learn how to characterize nm-features in microelectronics devices using nanoscale IR spectroscopy.

Due to the systematic shrinking of the size of devices in the semiconductor industry, characterizing nanoscale surface contaminations in interconnects and circuitries has become a pivotal issue in test and failure analysis. Continuous development in process technology/engineering has led to the fabrication of semiconductor devices with sub-µm feature resolution, which in turn demands high-resolution analytical tools for proper characterization. This webinar explains how photothermal AFM-IR spectroscopy and imaging provides ideal solutions to chemically characterize the organic contaminants, nano-patterned metal/low-k dielectrics, and directed self-assembly of block copolymers used for advanced micro/nano-fabrications


Dr. Anirban Roy

Senior Applications Scientist

Cassandra Phillips

Sales Applications Scientist