Phase Identification and Distribution Analysis of Little-known, Multi-phase Containing Materials

Fig. 1.1: Pattern Quality Map depicting the microstructure of highly alloyed Fe-Si ceramic composite; EBSD and EDS maps were acquired simultaneously using eFlash XS and respectively XFlash EDS detector mounted on JSM IT200 SEM.

QUANTAX ED-XS is a fully integrated EDS & EBSD system which enables a wide range of analysis types using EDS or EBSD alone or involving both techniques simultaneously. Innovative and powerful capabilities combined with an optimized workflow simplify data acquisition process and maximize SEM efficiency for analyses like identification of unknown crystallographic phases present in a sample.

SEM use is minimized by acquiring simultaneously an EBSD map and an EDS HyperMap without having to know all present phases. The map containing EDS & EBSD data is subsequently processed offline to identify all phases present and complete the map using ESPRIT 2’ ultra-fast reanalysis speed in a comfortable and efficient manner.