Micro-XRF Spectrometers


Automated Mineralogy System for micro-XRF

Automate Data Collection and Mineral Matching

The only automated mineralogy solution for micro-XRF

Measurement area
Perfect for drill core or slabbed rocks - no polish or coating needed for analysis in the M4 TORNADOS's large low-vacuum sample chamber
Spot size
Map major, minor and trace elements and minerals at the resolution needed for most geologic problems
Minerals in the database
AMICS is pre-loaded with a user-expandable mineral database and uses whole spectrum matching of unknowns to this database

Automation of Micro-XRF Data Collection and Phase Identification

M4 TORNADO AMICS is an innovative new approach to automated mineralogy using X-ray excitation to collect energy spectra for mineral matching. This package matches the ultra-fast high resolution elemental distribution analysis of the M4 TORNADO and the automation and phase classification technology of the AMICS software. 

  • M4 TORNADO AMICS has a large sample chamber that operates at low atmospheric pressure requiring only a flat surface with no special coating or polishing. Perfect for slabbed core, hand sample slabs, and thin section billets, or even unpolished grain mounts. 
  • Quickly automate repeated measurements with a wide range of sample holders and customized measurement areas. 
  • Analyze entire samples to identify mineralogy or phases, characterize textures and associations, apply statistical calculations and report results as maps, charts, and graphs. 
  • The innovative Spectrum Tree empowers users to classify unknown phases including complex solid solutions, boundary and mixed phases.

How Can Micro-XRF Fit into My Mineralogical and Textural Characterization Workflow?

Integrate M4 TORNADO AMICS into any workflow to add geochemical and mineral maps from any prepared or un-prepared samples - drill core, hand samples, billets, thin sections and grain mounts. This innovative and robust instrument captures mineral information within a textural and elemental framework.  

  • Excellent trace-element detection limits and quick measurement times produce < 20 µm resolution phase maps that empower rapid decision making and down-selection of samples for further analysis by AMICS SEM or other techniques that require smaller prepared samples. 
  • M4 TORNADO AMICS is ideal for measurements of samples with large mineral grains such as coarse crystalline igneous rocks or heavy mineral sands, enabling quick analysis before crushing and sizing eliminates the orginial textural context  
  • The robust M4 TORNADO instrument can be forward deployed to field locations worldwide; it is easy to use, self-contained and has no consumables. When equipped with M4 TORNADO AMICS and combined with a compact SEM and field-appropriate sample preparation tools it can provide a complete on-site lithological and textural analytical solution for fast tactical decision making. 

What is Your Analytical Challenge?

Technical details

<20 µm XRF spot A polycapillary X-ray focus for focussed beam XRF analysis Spectrum tree

Binning and classification of spectra by BSE and energy spectral criteria           

C to Am Quantification range on the M4 TORNADO PLUS. Cover most of the periodic table at ppm detection limits. Comprehensive mineral database

Database with over 1300 mineral phases and software to collect and manage custom phases   

Full Spectrum Whole List (FSWL) matching Spectral matching using the whole energy dispersive spectrum against the whole mineral list  Data collection automation

Automate data collection from the M4 TORNADO and M4 TORNADO PLUS, including quick-release sample holders and with custom measurement areas 


The M4 TORNADO AMICS is part of Bruker’s innovative automated mineralogy ecosystem that provides mineral data from micro-XRF and SEM-EDS. AMICS for SEM-EDS brings together high-resolution BSE with high-throughput EDS for an automated mineralogy solution that automates the collection and analysis of data from the Scanning Electron Microscope. AMICS is the next generation characterization tool for the detailed and quantitative analysis of samples incorporating innovative imaging and analysis.

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