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TruLive3D Imager

Key Features

  • Close-to-natural environmental conditions for sensitive samples
  • The NEW ready-to-use TruLive3D Dishes facilitate sample mounting
  • Compact, vibration-free and robust design
  • Resolution down to 255 nm in xy
  • Intuitive User Interface


Product Overview

The TruLive3D Imager is optimized for fast 3D multi-sample imaging of delicate live specimens in their native 3D environment.

The optical concept, with dual-sided illumination and single-lens detection from below, enables fast acquisition speed, high-resolution imaging, and minimal shadowing effects.

The system is especially suited for multi-position imaging of small embryos (e.g. mouse), 3D spheroids, oocytes and more, enabling time-lapse, high-throughput imaging experiments.

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Large Sample Holder

The sample chamber in the TruLive3D Imager fits a large sample holder (length = 75 mm), which can accommodate tens to hundreds of samples.

Similar to the InVi SPIM, the FEP foil lining the holder serves the dual function of a “curved coverglass” and a physical barrier between the immersion medium and sample medium.

The new ready-to-use TruLive3D Dishes are fully compatible with the TruLive3D Imager. The possibility to line up three disposable dishes extends the capacities of the system to enable the parallel imaging of samples grown under different media conditions.

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TruLive3D Imager Sample Holder
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TruLive3D Imager Sample Holder with TruLive3D Dishes