The Ultima Family for Multiphoton Imaging

For more than 10 years, the innovative designs used by the field's leaders

Fully configurable multiphoton microscopes:

  • Ultima IntraVital, Bruker’s flagship system for multiphoton imaging, is designed for high-speed live animal imaging, and includes an optional orbital nosepiece, a resonant scanner, and optogenetics modules.
  • Ultima In Vitro 2-photon imaging system is available as either an upright or an inverted microscope, with optional photoactivation, and electrophysiology recording.
  • Ultima Investigator features an economical base system specifically optimized for in vivo 2-photon imaging studies and is designed for add-on flexibility with a host of specialized options.

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Multiphoton Imaging

Multiphoton imaging provides optical sectioning capabilities to depths of greater than 1mm at diffraction limit resolution. Compared to confocal, multiphoton imaging allows deeper imaging into tissue, making it the technique of choice for thicker tissue specimens, such as brain slices or tumor or lymph node explants, as well is intravital imaging in small animal models.

In addition to two photon imaging, Bruker has pioneered the use of two photon techniques for photoactivation and photostimulation. Optical configurations allowing the use of fast pulsed IR lasers provide the ability to perform photoactivation and photostimulation with precise 3D localization. Our applications experience covers a wide range, including neuroscience, oncology, immunology, and cell biology, and our system and software options reflect what we have learned from the life science community.

Bruker has been a leader in multiphoton imaging for more than 10 years. The innovative design of our systems provides highly customizable configurations to meet application and budget requirements. The open architecture of Bruker multiphoton imaging systems provides the flexibility to meet emerging application requirements and the capability for future upgrades.