A Broad Range of Applications

Mining & Minerals, Geoscience

Mining 600x600px

The light element capability of the M4 TORNADOPLUS enables new applications in geoscience and mining by allowing differentiation of carbonates, oxides, nitrites and fluorites. More info

Life Sciences / Metallomics

Metallomics 1125x1125px

The M4 TORNADOPLUS spectrometer is a powerful tool for determining the elemental composition of any biological matrix in clinical, pharmaceutical and life science applications. More info

Semiconductor & Microelectronics

Aperture 1200x1200px

With its light element capability, the M4 TORNADOPLUS expands the applicability in nitride and oxide based semiconductor research, while the AMS feature keeps electronic components in focus.  More info

Quality Control

Quality control

The broad application range of the M4 TORNADOPLUS makes it a highly suitable tool for many applications in quality control and assurance, including glass and coating, failure, cement and ceramic analysis. More info