Technical Specifications

Sample typesSolids, particles, liquids
Sample chamber sizeWxDxH: 600 mm x 350 mm x 260 mm
StageWxD: 330 mm x 170 mm, Max. weight load: 7 kg
Measurement mediaAir or oil free vacuum, 20 mbar in 2 min, optional He-purge system
Sample travel
Max. travel
Mapping travel
Travel speed

WxDxH: 200 mm x 160 mm x 120 mm
WxD: 190 mm x 160 mm
Up to 100 mm/s with TurboSpeed stage
Sample view2 simultaneous live images from above with different magnifications for sample overview and precise positioning
Lateral fisheye camera for the sample chamber overview
ExcitationHigh brilliance, light element X-ray tube with polycapillary X-ray optics and aperture management system (AMS)
Optional: 2nd tube with four position collimator changer from 0.5 to 4.5 mm
Excitation parameters
Target material
Tube parameters
Spot size
AMS filters

Rh, optionally Ag (light element), fine focus: Rh, W, Mo, Cu, Cr
50 kV, 30 W (40 W for collimator)
Less than 20 µm for Mo Kα (17.5 keV) with polycapillary lens
500 µm and 1 mm apertures, plus 6 filters
8 filters for collimator
DetectionXFlash® super light element silicon drift detectors, detection down to carbon and up to americium, simultaneous use of two dectectors
Detection parameters
Sensitive area
Energy resolution

2 x 60 mm2
<145 eV at 600,000 cps input count rate
up to 550,000 cps output count rate
Instrument controlState-of-the-art PC, Windows 10
Instrument control functionsComplete control of tube parameters, filters, optical microscopes, sample illumination and sample positioning
Spectra evaluationPeak identification, artifact and background correction, peak area calculation, FP quantification, calibrated quantification with standard-based and standardless models using XMethod
Distribution analysis"On the fly" measurement, HyperMap capability
Result presentationQuantification results, statistical evaluation, element distribution (line scan, mapping)
Power requirements100-240 V (1P), 50/60 Hz
DimensionsWxDxH: 815 mm x 680 mm x 580 mm, approx. 130 kg (depending on configuration)
Quality & safetyDIN EN ISO 9001:2008, CE certified
Fully radiation protection system; radiation <1 µSv/h