Munich, Germany, June 21 - 24

Bruker at ANALYTICA 2022

High Value Life Science and Material Research Solutions

Visit us at our booth No. 314, Hall A2 and discover our new technologies and latest innovations.

Discover our latest solutions for Life Science and Material Research

ANALYTICA 2022 will be our platform for announcing our latest product innovations and showcasing our expanding portfolio of analytical technologies, all available under one brand. The new systems will deliver more productivity and specificity to confident routine analysis, and open new horizons for advanced research applications in Life Science and Material Research.

Visit us at our booth No. 314, Hall A2 and discover our new technologies and latest innovations.

Beer reception

Wednesday, June 22 between
16:00 till 18:00 on the booth.

Meet us in Hall A2

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Life Science Research
Tools for Process Control

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XFlash 7 - The New EDS Detector Series

The latest generation of QUANTAX EDS systems provide the largest solid angle, highest throughput and highest take-off angle for X-ray collection on electron microscopes.
Fourier 80

Fourier 80

Building on decades of experience creating top-quality NMR instruments, Bruker has reimagined high-performance NMR spectroscopy in a compact, cost-efficient form
magnettech ESR5000

Magnettech ESR5000

The Magnettech ESR5000 is an innovative research instrument with high quality performance. It offers dedicated and tailored turn-key solutions for specific quality control, medical, and pharmaceutical R&D applications.
SPR-32 Pro

Sierra SPR®-32 Pro

From initial screening to detailed kinetic characterization and thermodynamics measurements, Sierra SPR®-32 Pro enables high-throughput SPR analysis of molecular interactions.
timsTOF Pro 2

timsTOF Pro 2

The timsTOF Pro 2, powered by the latest parallel accumulation serial fragmentation (PASEF®) technology, paves the way to 4D-Proteomics and 4D-Lipidomics with unbiased cell and plasma proteomics and liquid biopsy multiomic biomarker discovery, integrating genomics with proteomics and epiproteomics.
timsTOF fleX

timsTOF fleX

Combining the Omics leadership of PASEF-powered timsTOF Pro with fully automated MALDI-Imaging, timsTOF fleX seamlessly combines your deepest LC-MS workflows with the ability to contextualize your results through tissue mapping.
G4 ICARUS Series 2

G4 ICARUS Series 2

The combustion analyzer G4 ICARUS Series 2 with HF induction furnace and HighSenseTM detection is the ideal instrument for the rapid and precise carbon and sulfur determination in solids, especially metals and their alloys as well as other inorganic materials like ores, cements, minerals, ceramics, etc.


Excellent analytical performance for elemental analysis with cutting edge technology in a compact size.


The world's best benchtop X-ray powder diffractometer. XRD for everyone. XRD for everywhere. XRD for everything.
timsTOF HT

timsTOF HT

The timsTOF HT, powered by the 4th generation TIMS-XR and advanced digitizer technology for high dynamic range and analytical depth in quantitative cell and tissue proteomics. Simply expand your capabilities to do high-throughput 4D-Proteomics.

Electron Microscope Analyzers

To extend your SEM/TEM analytical power, Bruker’s electron microscope analyzers EDS, WDS, EBSD and Micro-XRF on SEM offer the most comprehensive compositional and structural analysis of materials, including analytical software for advanced materials research, process development and failure analysis.
M4 TORNADO PLUS Mikro-RFA Spektrometer


The Revolutionary Super-Light Element micro-XRF Scanner
Handheld and mobile XRF spectrometers from Bruker

Handheld X-ray Fluorescence

Handheld, Mobile Portable XRF analyzers. Fast, on-site elemental analysis (Mg-U).
Micro-XRF spectrometers

Micro X-ray Fluorescence

Elemental analysis (Na-U) of inhomogeneous or irregularly shaped samples