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Automated nanometrology for industrial R&D
Dimension FastScan Pro


Dimension FastScan Pro

The Dimension FastScan Pro delivers the highest metrology-level speed and performance of any industrial AFM available today. The system enables automated or semi-automated measurements while ensuring the utmost ease of use and the lowest cost per measurement for quality control, quality assurance, and failure analysis.

AFM production technology
Enables industry-leading surface characterization.
service and support
Lowers costs through operational efficiencies.
AFM scanner
Provides reliable, seamless measurement workflow.



Production Versatility

FastScan Pro utilizes an open-access platform, large- or multiple-sample holders, and numerous ease-of-use features to provide flexible high-performance nanoscale metrology for industrial QA, QC, and FA applications. The system delivers automated 2-inch to 12-inch wafer measurements for semi, data storage and HB-LED. It features increased XY sample travel for full access to 200mm wafers or multiple samples in 200-mm diameter area, with optional chucks for 300-mm wafers. The system also provides the choice between a high-throughput 5-10x FastScan scanner for topography, roughness and other metrology analyses, or an Icon scanner with 90µm scan range for larger scans and high-accuracy topography performance.

Powerful Automation Software

AutoMET™ full-recipe software delivers fast, automated metrology, simple operation, and AFM adaptability for easy capture of critical-to-quality measurements needed in production. This software allows automated measurements on multiple samples or a single large sample for nanoscale characterization across multiple locations. It also provides optical and AFM image pattern recognition, tip-centering, full wafer or grid mapping support, and image-placement accuracy within tens of nanometers. Comprehensive, yet simple, recipe writing gives real-time and offline use for the advanced users.

Easy measurement recipe creation allows engineers to define location by name, assign any type, and number measurements at each location.
Recipe window showing wafer-based layout for precise, user-defined X-Y measurement locations within a wafer.

Precise Probe-Sample Control

The Dimension FastScan Pro provides the most precise probe-sample control permits widest range of sample types, from soft polymers, thin films and electrical samples to very hard materials.

Unique technology enables pinpoint force to any atom on your sample. This precise probe-to-sample control permits the widest range of sample types, from soft polymers, thin films, and electrical samples to hard materials. It also provides the lowest available imaging forces and long probe tip life over hundreds of engages and data scans.


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