Nanoscale Infrared Spectrometer

Anasys nanoIR3-s Broadband

Nanoscale FTIR spectroscopy and s-SNOM imaging


Anasys nanoIR3-s Broadband

Bruker’s Anasys nanoIR3-s Broadband is the most advanced s-SNOM based nanoscale FTIR spectroscopy system providing the broadest available spectral range (670 to 4000 cm⁻¹) with high-resolution nanochemical and nano-optical imaging capabilities. The system combines the industry-leading Anasys nanoIR3-s platform with the latest OPO/DFG femtosecond laser technology, resulting in unmatched levels of performance, integration, and flexibility.

spectroscopy and imaging
Provides ideal solution for characterization of graphene and other 2D materials.
spectral range
Enables best available combined spectroscopy and high-resolution nanochemical imaging.
options and accessories
Expand nanoscale material property mapping and sample environmental control capabilities.


Nanoscale FTIR Spectroscopy for 2D Materials

Researchers can now utilize the nanoIR3-s Broadband system’s unique capabilities to make new discoveries in a broad range of research areas, including 2D materials, biological samples, catalysis-based applications, and polymeric materials in spectral regions not previously accessed before.

Complementary High-Resolution Imaging

High-quality, high-resolution nano-optical images can be generated for characterization of a wide range of optical phenomena, such as graphene plamonics and surface phonon polaritons in hexagonal boron nitride (hBN), and chemical imaging of biological and other organic samples.


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