Assisted NMR Data Interpretation and Workflow Streamlining

The most powerful software tool for interactive, assisted NMR data analysis is now available.

Designed for NMR end-users, CMC-assist efficiently extracts information from complex NMR data, conducts consistency and concentration assessments and generates detailed reports for direct transfer to publications, patents and lab journals. 

CMC-assist not only excels as an off-line analysis interface but its automated NMR interpretation power can also be used to generate results directly at any Bruker NMR instrument equipped with the latest control software, making it the most efficient and streamlined NMR workflow on the market.

CMC-assist Classroom

For teaching purposes, CMC-assist is now also available as a Classroom edition, which includes all the chemistry centered NMR features of CMC-assist, except the automatic spectra assignment. In addition, extensive supporting materials and training data sets may be downloaded here.

The Classroom edition is available only for academia, since March 1st 2019 is the CMC-se Classroom license integral part of Topspin for academia.

Data Processing

CMC-assist enables all 1D proton NMR processing steps such as fourier transformation, phase correction or baseline correction. These steps can be performed automatically or manually.

Automatic Spectra Interpretation

CMC-assist includes the most innovative, high performance system for automatic spectra interpretation on-the-fly.

Manual Analysis Refinement

The intuitive graphical user interface enables quick manual refinement of automated analytical results.



Different reports can be generated at the click of a button.

  • Detailed format with consistency information, concentration, assignment table, overview spectrum, detailed expansions and string descriptions in various formats
  • Short format with assignment table, concentration and consistency statement
  • Patent and publication string providing direct transfer to any other application in various journal formats



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