Bruker Nano Analytics Presents:

XFlash 7 EDS Series for Electron Microscopy

On-demand Session - 35 Minutes

Get the Right Angle for Better Analysis with the New XFlash® 7 Detector!

XFlash® 7 is the latest generation of Bruker’s EDS detectors, which provide the largest solid angle, highest throughput and highest take-off angle for X-ray collection on electron microscopes. Combined with our modular ESPRIT software, the QUANTAX EDS system can deliver the fastest, most reliable results and the best quality data for your research.

In this webinar we present the benefits of the new XFlash® 7 detector series for SEM and TEM and discuss specifics of microscope detector geometries. We also show examples of data acquisition and analyses across different fields of application. 

Who Should Attend? 

  • Scientists and researchers from all analytical fields interested in EDS technology for SEM and TEM
  • Everyone in materials science, life science and academia interested in elemental analysis



Andi Kaeppel

Senior Product Manager EDS/SEM, Bruker Nano Analytics

Dr. Meiken Falke

Global Product Manager EDS/TEM, Bruker Nano Analytics