Software: ESPRIT Family

Four methods, one workflow

ESPRIT unites four analytical methods under a single user interface. These include EDS for SEM and (S)TEM, WDS, Micro-XRF for SEM and EBSD. This makes it easy for the user to switch between methods with a single mouse click. Additionally, it facilitates combining different method results from the same sample area and to so gain much more information. To name only the most important, coupling of following methods is supported:

  • EDS and EBSD
  • EDS and WDS
  • EDS and Micro-XRF for SEM

The software is designed to suit the needs of all levels of users - from beginner to expert. Novices will benefit from the assistants that help performing routine tasks without having to learn details of the measurement method. More experienced users will value the option to drill down deeper, when they need it, meaning both detailed setup of measurements as well as in-depth analysis of results and automation of tasks.