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Key Features

  • Easy sample accessibility through quick load feature
  • Compact, vibration-free and robust design
  • 3D imaging of both life specimens and cleared tissue
  • Resolution down to 340 nm in 3D
  • Browser-based user interface

Product Overview

The QuVi SPIM combines dual views with dual detection channels enable large-scale 3D imaging of life specimens and cleared samples. The system enables fast and simple transition between from living and cleared tissue imaging.

Its novel stage design allows using SBS-format plates and provides an easy sample accessibility by means of its quick load feature. Since the objective lenses are exchangeable, a wide variety of samples of different sizes and preparations can be imaged.

Typical applications of the microscope include living or fixed and cleared brain slices, long-term imaging of 3D cell culture models (spheroids, organoids, tumoroids), imaging of conventional cell culture in high throughput, and even functional (e.g. calcium) imaging.

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