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Year Journal Title Author(s) Imaging Platform Subject Methodology
2023 The EMBO Journal Embryo-uterine interaction coordinates mouse embryogenesis during implantation V Bondarenko, M Nikolaev, D Kromm,(..)Takashi Hiiragi InVi SPIM Pre-implantaion development, Morphogenesis, Patterning Mouse, Ex-vivo, Live imaging, Laser ablation
2023 Journal of Neuroscience A Cellular Ground Truth to Develop MRI Signatures in Glioma Models by Correlative Light Sheet Microscopy and Atlas-Based Coregistration K Schregel, L Heinz, J Hunger, C Pan, (..) Michael O. Breckwoldt
2023 Clinical and Translational Medicine Basal cell adhesion molecule promotes metastasis‐associated processes in ovarian cancer S Sivakumar, S Lieber, D Librizzi, (..) Sabine Müller-Brüsselbach, Rolf Müller LCS SPIM ovarian cancer, metastasis Basal cell adhesion molecule (BCAM) is a laminin α5 (LAMA5), Biochemical, omics-based and real-time cell assays
2023 Advanced Science The Role of PRRC2B in Cerebral Vascular Remodeling Under Acute Hypoxia in Mice S Li, W Hu, S Gong, P Zhang, J Cheng,(..) Zengqiang Yuan MuVi SPIM hypoxia mouse, high altitude exposure, cerebral vasculature, RNA immunoprcipitation-seq, and transcriptomic co-analysis
2022 Nature Periodic formation of epithelial somites from human pluripotent stem cells M Sanaki-Matsumiya, M Matsuda, N Gritti… Miki Ebisuya MuVi SPIM embryonic development, somitogenesis, segmentation clock Human iPSC cultures, human somitoids, human somitoids, HCR, IHC, timelapses, human somitoids, morphometry
2022 National Acad Sciences Dynamics of Drosophila endoderm specification SE Keenan, M Avdeeva, L Yang… Stanislav Y. Shvartsman MuVi SPIM Drosophila 4D imaging, developmental patterning, gene regulatory network drosophila, Time-lapse microscopy, single-cell, modelling, image analysis
2022 Mammary Stem Cells: Methods Modification of Single Cells Within Mouse Mammary Gland Derived Acini via Viral Transduction LG Del Valle, MG Montero, M Jechlinger   InVi light-sheet organoid culture optimization mouse, organoid cultures, primary donor tissue, 3D acini
2022 Nature Embryo-scale epithelial buckling forms a propagating furrow that initiates gastrulation J Fierling, A John, B Delorme, A Torzynski… Matteo Rauzi biomechanics, tissue buckling, mesoderm internalization Drosophila , actomyosin contraction, computational models, in toto embryo image analysis and manipulation
2022 Cell An ex vivo system to study cellular dynamics underlying mouse peri-implantation development Takafumi Ichikawa, Hui Ting Zhang, Laura Panavaite, ... Takashi Hiiragi peri-implantation embryo development, mechano-chemical interactions mouse, 3D ex vivo culture
2022 https://link.springer.com/protocol/10.1007/978-1-0716-2659-7_7
2022 The Lancet Müller glia fused with adult stem cells undergo neural differentiation in human retinal models SÀ Bonilla-Pons, S Nakagawa, EG Bahima… Maria Pia Cosma MuVi SPIM retina organoids, Müller glia, regeneration organotypic cultures of human retina, preparations of dissociated cells, microinjection system, qRT-PCR, immunofluorescence, Flow cytometry
2022 Genome Biology Parental genomes segregate into distinct blastomeres during multipolar zygotic divisions leading to mixoploid and chimeric blastocysts T De Coster, H Masset, O Tšuiko, M Catteeuw, Y Zhao… Joris Robert Vermeesch  InVi SPIM genome segregation, zygotic division Bovine embryo in vitro production, imaging, genome analysis, Nuclear staining, human biopsies
2022 iScience Discovery of a novel SHIP1 agonist that promotes degradation of lipid-laden phagocytic cargo by microglia C Pedicone, S Fernandes, A Matera, ST Meyer, S Loh…William G. Kerr InVi SPIM degradation of Synaptosomes, phagocytic degradation, microglia artificial intelligence, mice, computational method, CRISPR/Cas9, immunofluorescence, flow cytometry
2022 STEM CELLS AND REGENERATION Rapid and robust directed differentiation of mouse epiblast stem cells into definitive endoderm and forebrain organoids D Medina-Cano, EK Corrigan, RA Glenn…  Thomas Vierbuchen TrueLive3D Imager developmental biology, organoids mouse, pluripotent stem cells, Wnt pathway inhibitors, definitive endoderm and neural organoids,differentiation models
2022 Science Parallel evolution of a splicing program controlling neuronal excitability in flies and mammals A Torres-Méndez, S Pop, S Bonnal, I Almudi, .. Manuel Irimia MuVi SPIM phylogeny, evolution, neuronal transcriptomic complexity neuronal imaging experiments and cell type–specific rescues
2022 EMBO Reports PLETHORA‐WOX5 interaction and subnuclear localization control Arabidopsis root stem cell maintenance RC Burkart, VI Strotmann, GK Kirschner, A Akinci…Yvonne Stahl MuVi SPIM stem cell niche Arabidopsis, lateral root primordium, cloning, staining, Nicotiana benthamiana infiltration, SCN staining, RNA staining, imaging, image analysis
2022 Developmental Cell Pancreas agenesis mutations disrupt a lead enhancer controlling a developmental enhancer cluster I Miguel-Escalada, MA Maestro, D Balboa, A Elek… Jorge Ferrer MuVi SPIM polygenic disease, pancreas agenesis, enhancer cluster immunohistochemistry, RT-PCR, Flow cytometry, Seq analysis, ChIP-Seq analysis
2022 Cell Reports The neurogenic fate of the hindbrain boundaries relies on Notch3-dependent asymmetric cell divisions CF Hevia, C Engel-Pizcueta, F Udina, C Pujades  MuVi SPIM hindbrain morphogenesis, Notch signalling, stem cells, neurogenesis zebrafish, CRISPR-Cas9, ISH, pharmacological treatments, immunohistochemistry, imaging, image analysis
2021 eLife Fish primary embryonic pluripotent cells assemble into retinal tissue mirroring in vivo early eye development L Zilova, V Weinhardt, T Tavhelidse, C Schlagheck… Joachim Wittbrodt MuVi SPIM morphogenesis and differentiation medaka and zebrafish, embryonic pluripotent stem cells, fluorescent labeling, quantification
2021 Plant & Cell Physiology Integration of Cell Growth and Asymmetric Division during Lateral Root Initiation in Arabidopsis thaliana LM Schütz, M Louveaux, A Vilches Barro…Alexis Maizel MuVi SPIM Lateral root formation, periclinal division Arabidopsis thaliana, four-dimensional reconstruction, lineage tracking, segmentation
2021 Biophysical Journal Pinching and pushing: fold formation in the Drosophila dorsal epidermis V Velagala, JJ Zartman  MuVi SPIM planar epithelial sheets, morphogenesis, Hedgehog signalling Drosophila, immunostaining, image processing, image analysis
2021 Valve-based consecutive bioprinting method for multimaterial tissue-like constructs with controllable interfaces
2021 BMC Dev Biol The migratory pathways of the cells that form the endocardium, dorsal aortae, and head vasculature in the mouse embryo C Collart, A Ciccarelli…J. C. Smith MuVi SPIM Vasculogenesis, embryogenesis mouse embryo, single-cell transcriptomics, imaging, OPT
2021 Developmental Cell A two-tier junctional mechanism drives simultaneous tissue folding and extension A John, M Rauzi  MuVi SPIM adherens junctions, tissue folding and extension, embryogenesis Drosophila, In toto 4-D imaging, digital reconstruction, data processing, Drug injections, Dendra photoconversion, Cry2 optorecruitment, Actomyosin laser ablation
2021 ELife Endogenous protein tagging in medaka using a simplified CRISPR/Cas9 knock-in approach A Seleit, A Aulehla, A Paix TruLive 3D Imager technology Crispr/Cas9, protocol Crispr/Cas9, medaka, whole-genome sequencing
2021 Nature Smad4 controls signaling robustness and morphogenesis by differentially contributing to the Nodal and BMP pathways L Guglielmi, C Heliot, S Kumar, Y Alexandrov…  Caroline S. Hill MuVi SPIM morphogens, morphometry TGF-β family, SMAD4, zebrafish, Nodal, zebrafish, image analysis
2021 Cell Reports Endothelial Wnts control mammary epithelial patterning via fibroblast signaling J Wang, W Song, R Yang, C Li, T Wu, XB Dong, B Zhou… Yi Arial Zeng MuVi SPIM endothelial cells, Wnt, fibroblasts fluorescent mouse, organoid, FACS, immnohistochemistry, RNA-seq
2020 Semi-automatic generation of tight binary masks and non-convex isosurfaces for quantitative analysis of 3D biological samples
2020 Front. Plant Sci. Advanced Microscopy Reveals Complex Developmental and Subcellular Localization Patterns of ANNEXIN 1 in Arabidopsis M Tichá, H Richter, M Ovečka, N Maghelli…Olga Šamajová MuVi SPIM Annexin 1, cell biology, lateral root growth Arabidopsis, transgenic lines, immunoblotting, image analysis, Quantitative PCR
2020 Elife Tracking cells in epithelial acini by light sheet microscopy reveals proximity effects in breast cancer initiation A Alladin, L Chaible, L Garcia del Valle, R Sabine… Martin Jechlinger InVi SPIM cancer environment, oncogenes, breast cancer mouse, 3D acinus cultures, qPCR analysis, image analysis,
2020 Cell Discovery Light-sheet fluorescence imaging charts the gastrula origin of vascular endothelial cells in early zebrafish embryos M Pang, L Bai, W Zong, X Wang, Y Bu, C Xiong… Jing-Wei Xiong MuVi SPIM cell lineage map, vascular endothelial cells zebrafish, alignment, fusion, and extraction all-in-one software (AFEIO) for processing big data, quantitative analysis, photoconversion
2020 Macromolecular Biosciences Poly(N‐isopropylacrylamide)‐Based Polymers as Additive for Rapid Generation of Spheroid via Hanging Drop Method V RA, S Kumari, P Poddar, D Dhara… Souvik Maiti MuVi SPIM Multicellular tumor spheroid, protocol, tissue clearing
2020 Journal of Biophotonics Tissue clearing‐based method for unobstructed three‐dimensional imaging of mouse penis with subcellular resolution P Matryba, A Wolny, M Pawłowska, ..Jakub Golab tissue clearing mouse penis
2020 Elife Mouse retinal cell behaviour in space and time using light sheet fluorescence microscopy C Prahst, P Ashrafzadeh, T Mead, A Figueiredo…Katie Bentley MuVi SPIM retina, opthalmology, vasculature mouse, image processing
2020 Current Biology Cell death in cells overlying lateral root primordia facilitates organ growth in Arabidopsis S Escamez, D André, B Sztojka, B Bollhöner, H Hall… Hannele Tuominen - lateral root growth, cell death, cell biology Arabidopsis, Gravitational induction of LRP initiation, Transmission electron microscopy, Light microscopy, Laser-assisted targeted cell elimination, RNA isolation and qPCR
2020 Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol. Opsef: Open source python framework for collaborative instance segmentation of bioimages TM Rasse, R Hollandi, P Horvath  MuVi SPIM Python framework for deep learning-based instance segmentation Arabidopsis, image analysis
2020 Developmental Dynamics Fusion of airways during avian lung development constitutes a novel mechanism for the formation of continuous lumena in multicellular epithelia MA Palmer, CM Nelson MuVi SPIM avian lung development, epithelium chicken, lung, photomanipulation
2020 ALTEX Incorporation of stem cell-derived astrocytes into neuronal organoids to allow neuro-glial interactions in toxicological studies M Brüll, AS Spreng, S Gutbier, D Loser, A Krebs…  MuVi SPIM neuro-glial interactions , astrocytes, organoids cell culture, proliferation, imaging
2020 Elife Accurate and versatile 3D segmentation of plant tissues at cellular resolution A Wolny, L Cerrone, A Vijayan, R Tofanelli, AV Barro… MuVi SPIM PlantSeg, cell segmentation image analysis
2020 Current Biology Axis specification in zebrafish is robust to cell mixing and reveals a regulation of pattern formation by morphogenesis T Fulton, V Trivedi, A Attardi, K Anlas, C Dingare…  MuVi SPIM morphogenesis, axis formation, development zebrafish, explants,Mosaic Labeling, pharmacological inh, HCR, immunohistochemistry
2020 Developmental Cell Tissue-scale mechanical coupling reduces morphogenetic noise to ensure precision during epithelial folding AS Eritano, CL Bromley, AB Albero, L Schütz, FL Wen… MuVi SPIM development, epithelium, transcription Drosophila, laser ablation, optogenetics, modelling

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