Stands Brackets and Mounts

Stands, Brackets and Mounts


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S1 TITAN desktop stand kit
(P/N 200.0057)

Includes desktop stand and AC adapter. Fits into 1550 PELICAN case.
S1 TITAN sold separately.


S1 TITAN benchtop stand kit
(P/N 200.0058)

Includes interlocked Benchtop stand, USB cable and AC adapter.
S1 TITAN sold separately.


S1 TITAN Soil-foot attachment
(P/N 160.0141)

Soil-foot attachment to directly measure bags, pellets and soil in situ.
S1 TITAN sold separately.


S1 TITAN common instrument holder
(P/N 160.0138)

Includes instrument holder, feet and mounting bracket.
S1 TITAN sold separately.

Common instrument holder

S1 TITAN Extension pole with remote trigger
(P/N 200.0071)

Includes extension pole with trigger and common instrument holder.
S1 TITAN sold separately.

Extension pole

TRACER 5 series

TRACER 5 desktop stand kit
(P/N 200.0093)

Includes collapsible stand, sample stage and shield, and background plate; fits in system PELICAN case. TRACER 5 sold separately.


TRACER 5 tripod kit
(P/N 200.0113)

Includes tripod, lateral arm, swivel ball mount, rail mounting plate. TRACER 5 sold separately.

TRACER 5i tripod kit

TRACER 5 tripod mount parts
(P/N 200.0112)

Includes swivel ball mount, rail mounting plate.
TRACER 5 sold separately.

TRACER 5i tripod mounting parts

TRACER 5 Universal EasyAccess Rail Mount
(P/N 150.0268)

Mount this to your custom fixture in order to attached the TRACER 5 via the EasyAccess rail. Screw holes are threaded for simplified mounting.

Universal EasyAccess Rail Mount

TRACER 5 EasyAccess Rail Mount kit for Smart Phones
(P/N 150.0196)

Mount this to the TRACER 5's EasyAccess Rail and then attach your Smart Phone. A great idea for taking pictures or video of the object being tested.

Smart Phone Kit