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Customer Testimonials

S1 TITAN video testimonial from FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology.

  • S1 SORTER testimonial from TP Consulting Services:
    TP Consulting Services recently completed a Positive Material Identification Project involving mixed grades of steel bars totaling about 434 tons. We tested a total of 27,969 bars in 62 work days, averaging about 451 Bars per day. We were very pleased with the performance of the Bruker Sorter. It was fast, accurate and easy to operate and read. We would like to thank all the Bruker people for making our job possible.

  • Testimonial from Dennis Piechota, Fiske Center for Archaeological Research, for Dr. Bruce Kaiser's Hands-on workshop:
    I recently hosted at UMass Boston a two-day handheld XRF Workshop taught by Bruce Kaiser. I expect that most of you are familiar with Bruce's workshops and if you are not I recommend you try to find one in your area or just ask Bruce if he'll do one. I introduced him as the 'Johnny Appleseed of XRF' because he has taught these workshops free of charge at hundreds of locations around the world.
    Ours was an unqualified success. We had 18 participants from three universities. At the end of the first morning I remember looking across the room to a colleague who silently mouthed the word 'WOW!' in reaction to the clarity of instruction received on the difficult topic of radiation physics and XRF. As Bruce says he tells you everything three times in three different ways because the subject, even at the introductory level, is not easy. For instance, to teach the importance of the absorption edge in fluorescence he used the folksy analogy of how a short young man dating his tall daughter won't stand a chance while one who is slightly taller than she fares much better. He then went over the same idea graphically and conceptually but when we go to select the right KeV range for an analysis I'm sure we will all have in our minds the image of his daughter with a tall and short young man.
    Besides the 'wow' other comments included, "I wish I'd brought a periodic table with me to make notes on his comments about individual elements." "The insight that elements within the same vertical group tend to vary together (e.g.: bromine with chlorine) during weathering is very useful." "I like how he took us from the daunting idea that 'everything affects everything' (in XRF analysis) to the empowering idea that you can still do good work if you think it through."
    I've had help from many scientists and customer relations staff from several manufacturers of XRF analyzers and I want to thank them all but especially Bruce whose workshop stands apart.
  • Testimonial from Ellen Baxter, Chief Conservator & Paintings Conservator, Carnegie Museum  of Art, for Bruker's Hands-on workshop:
    What an amazing workshop! Everyone was SO excited and interested. Bruce, it was so gracious of you to pass on/download all the information to thumbs, laptops, willing brains. It may take a while for my brain to hold onto more of the info – I think some of the photons are still leaking out my  ears. Or are they electrons?

  • Testimonial from Marvin Rowe, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, for Dr. Bruce Kaiser's Hands-on workshop:
    I just wanted to exptress my pleasure in and gratitude for attending the Bruker pXRF workshop at the Conservation Laboratory in Santa Fe last Tuesday amnd Wednesday. As a professor for over 40 years I have attended more workshops than I care to remember. But Bruce's was the best I have ever attended. I learned more in those two days than from any course I had previously taken. I have already counseled two groups of my friends to consider only the Bruker pXRF for their proposals. I am writing my second proposal to try to get funding for one. I currently have an InnovX and would much prefer having a Bruker.

  • Customer Service testimonial from Dale Kronkright, Head of Conservation at Georgia O'Keeffe Museum:
    Really awesome customer service!  The Team viewer interface is fantastic and your customer service is second to none. I was happy that I purchased a Tracer III-V previously but I have an all-new appreciation of Bruker Elemental customer service.  Thank you for being there early this morning and resolving my issue (which, as usual was operator education!)

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