Electronic Scrap Recycling & Sorting

As various base and precious metals have continued to grow in value over the last decade, the demand for greater recycling and reclamation of these materials has also grown. Electronic scrap recycling is a continually expanding industry, as businesses from metal refiners to electronic manufacturers want to take advantage of the significantly lower cost of recycled electronic scrap metals as compared to the cost of mining, as well as the “greener” reputation any industrial metal user stands to gain by using recycled metal. Electronic scrap sorting and recycling requires fast, accurate methods of metal and alloy composition analysis, so that the right metals can be sorted, extracted, and recycled. Bruker handheld XRF analyzers are purpose-built for the electronic scrap recycling industry, with a variety of features that ensure the correct sorting of scrap electronic materials. To enquire as to the applications of Bruker electronic scrap sorters to your specific business needs, contact our specialized sales and applications team today.

Bruker handheld XRF electronic scrap sorting analyzers offer several advantages specific to the challenges of electronic scrap component analysis:

  • Highly accurate and precise analysis offers complete metal or alloy composition chemistry—as well as alloy grade identification when applicable—in as little as 5 seconds or less
  • Optional on-board camera allows the user to visually ensure that data is collected from a specific measurement area, subsequently saving the image with the analysis results
  • Optional small spot collimator allows the user to narrow the measurement area in order to isolate small components from surrounding area for a discreet measurement
  • Analyzers can be used anywhere, on any sample size, whether large, small, or grouped (such as a bag or bin of components)
  • Rugged design is perfect for scrapyard and other industrial environments
  • Easy to use with minimal training

For the fastest, most accurate instrument for sorting electronic scrap, Bruker is the state-of-art, most feature-rich choice. Contact us today to get instrument-specific and application-specific information.

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