Forensic Science Equipment: Forensic XRF Guns

The field of forensics is becoming increasingly more high tech year after year. Modern specialized equipment can detect evidence long after it is no longer visible to the human eye or evidence of a chemical nature that cannot be detected without sophisticated analytical equipment. To find about application of XRF guns to your specific forensic analysis needs, contact out applications and technical sales teams today.


Forensic XRF guns are a robust analytical tool that provides elemental composition information for a variety of samples. Bruker forensic XRF guns have a wide analytical range from magnesium to uranium, allowing the user to obtain information about the presence of a wide range of individual elements, as well as complete elemental chemistry.

Bruker forensic XRF guns are engineered specifically with forensic science analysis in mind, with applications such as:

  • Gunshot residue analysis (GSR)
  • Phosphorus and iodine analysis for detecting past presence of drug labs
  • Glass fragment analysis
  • Paint and paint chip analysis
  • Identification of individuals from dental materials
  • Matching of samples associated with suspects or crime scenes, such as soil, sand, etc.

Perhaps the most important features of Bruker forensic XRF guns are that they are handheld and completely nondestructive. These fully portable, handheld forensic analyzers can be used effectively right at a crime scene without disturbing the evidence, or in the laboratory with full sample preparation and chain of custody requirements. Contact Bruker technical specialists to request information specific to your forensic elemental analysis needs.