Gold Spectrometer Gun from Bruker

Gold spectrometers from Bruker fill many needs in a variety of gold refining, melting, recycling, and jewelry/decorative object businesses. Contact Bruker today to speak with an expert about your specific gold testing needs.

The need to hallmark and quantify the composition of gold and gold alloys is paramount in a large variety of industries and applications, including:

For all these applications, the ability to quickly and precisely quantify gold in a variety of sample types is essential. The Bruker S1 TITAN gold spectrometer is the tool of choice for fast, highly accurate quantitative gold analysis in a large variety of sample types.

Bruker S1 TITAN Gold Spectrometer

The Bruker S1 TITAN gold spectrometer is a premiere gold analysis, hallmarking, and quantification tool. Highly accurate and precise, the S1 TITAN can quantify gold in most alloy samples in a matter of seconds. This advanced spectrometer can be used to analyze any size sample, and is completely nondestructive. The nondestructive nature of the S1 TITAN is based on its optimized x-ray fluorescence technology along with proprietary Bruker technologies that optimize the spectrometer’s output in the form of x-ray tube energy and collimation, as well as the spectrometer’s input in the form of a highly optimized silicon drift detector (SDD).

The S1 TITAN stands out not only for speed and accuracy, but also for ease of use. The S1 TITAN gold spectrometer is designed to be used as a handheld instrument, as evidenced by its ergonomic design and light weight for all-day use without fatigue. However, the accuracy and precision offered by the S1 TITAN also lends itself to use as a laboratory gold composition analysis instrument. The S1 TITAN is also easy to use due to its straightforward, intuitive user interface that allows even a novice user to employ the spectrometer with ease after only a few hours of training.

The S1 TITAN gold spectrometer can analyze a very wide variety of sample types, including:

  • Pure gold
  • Gold alloys
  • Gold bars
  • Gold pins
  • Gold coins
  • Gold bullion
  • Gold thread
  • Gold gilding
  • Gold leaf
  • Gold plating
  • Gold anodes
  • Gold jewelry
  • Gold teeth
  • Gold electronic components
  • Gold scrap
  • Any other type of gold alloy

The portability and accuracy of the Bruker S1 TITAN allows you to analyze and quantify gold anywhere, so it can be used in multiple steps of the process. The convenience of being able to bring the analytical technology to the sample, instead of the sample to the analytical technology, means that you can save money and time, and avoid potential errors, by analyzing your incoming or raw materials, your in-process materials, and your final product on the spot.

Contact the gold spectrometry and analysis experts at Bruker today to find out how to streamline your business with the S1 TITAN gold spectrometer.