Handheld, Portable Lab Spectrometer

While field use of handheld, portable spectrometers is very well known, did you know that you can effectively use a handheld spectrometer in a laboratory context? Modern, state of the art portable elemental analysis spectrometers have lab setup parameters that can be used to perform a variety of analytical lab tests. To speak to an expert regarding your elemental analysis lab equipment needs, contact us here.


Bruker is a leading manufacturer of both laboratory and field spectrometers and equipment. With knowledge and cutting-edge products in both areas, Bruker is particularly well-suited to create the best hybrid technologies, making our handheld spectrometers equally well suited for the lab.

Tracer IV System with vacuum pump

Bruker S1 TITAN and TRACER Portable Lab Spectrometers

The Bruker laboratory spectrometers—the S1 TITAN and TRACER series—are exceedingly accurate and reliable EDXRF elemental analyzers, with an analytical range from magnesium to uranium. These instruments boast several unique advantages when used as lab spectrometers or lab/field hybrids:


  • Samples can be analyzed completely nondestructively, or with laboratory sample preparation
  • With laboratory samples preparation, elemental composition results with a correlation as close as R2=0.99 to other types of laboratory spectrometers can be achieved
  • Simultaneous analysis of all elements; analyses are completed within seconds to a few minutes
  • Table-top lab setup easily converts back into handheld configuration
  • Optional small spot analysis area and camera allow users to visually identify and define small analysis areas
  • Robust analytical software for data reporting, manipulation, and evaluation
  • Specific calibrations for many laboratory applications including geochemical analysis and soil analysis
  • Calibrations are customizable by user, including the ability to create empirical and site-specific calibrations

To learn more about specific laboratory applications of the S1 TITAN and TRACER lab spectrometers—and which instrument is right for you—contact our applications experts.

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