XRF Lead Testing & Analysis with a Bruker Lead Testing Gun

Bruker’s handheld XRF lead testing guns—the S1 Titan series—offer a wide range of lead testing options. Click here to find out how you can save time and money and achieve accurate testing results for all lead analysis needs. Regardless of whether you need to test for lead—chemical symbol Pb—as part of an environmental clean-up effort, to determine product safety, or as part of a PMI protocol, Bruker’s handheld XRF lead analyzers will provide you with precise, accurate, speedy results.

Testing children's toys with the S1 TITAN

Bruker’s XRF lead testing and analysis instruments will provide accurate, easy-to-understand lead testing results for all the following applications:

Bruker XRF lead analyzers are 100% non-destructive and portable, and can be used in any environment: outdoors, on the factory floor, to test in-service components, etc. Click here to learn more about Bruker’s lead testing gun or to request a quote.