Material Analyzer

A material analyzer from Bruker can solve a wide variety of analytical challenges. With an analytical range from magnesium to uranium and many unique benefits for the user, Bruker handheld XRF material analyzers offer the utmost in elemental composition analysis. Contact Bruker today to speak with one of our technical specialists about your specific elemental analysis needs.

Bruker material analyzers can analyze a wide range of materials with speed and precision, including:



Not only can Bruker material analyzer guns tell you all the elements present in your sample within the range of magnesium to uranium, but many samples lend themselves to quantitative analysis. The more homogeneous a sample, the better a quantitative analysis of that sample can be achieved. A material such as an alloy that tends to be highly homogeneous will produce a quantitative data set that is highly accurate, precise and repeatable without any sample preparation. However, a sample that is not highly homogeneous such as soil that contains rocks and organic matter must be dried and homogenized in order to obtain near laboratory-quality quantitative elemental data. Without a preparation process, quantitative data can still be obtained but will not be as reliable as a laboratory analysis with full sample prep.

Bruker material analyzers offer some distinct advantages:

  • Completely nondestructive analysis
  • Lightweight, handheld, portable design
  • Industry-leading accuracy and precision
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically saved data for easy reference and reporting
  • Many more; see our various material analyzer models for details.

Get in touch with our technical experts to learn how a Bruker material analyzer can be used to meet your specific material analysis challenges.