Mineral Assaying with a Bruker Mineral Assay Gun

Fast, accurate mineral assay is a key factor in profitable and efficient exploration and mining operations. Bruker mineral assay guns are purpose-built for fast, accurate analysis of a variety of mineral samples. Contact Bruker today to discover solutions for your specific mineral assay challenges.

S1 TITAN handheld XRF analyzer for mining

Bruker mineral assay guns serve the mining industry with a variety of specific benefits for mineral assay applications, including:

  • In-situ analysis in the field
  • Results comparable to near laboratory assay (requires lab-quality sample preparation)
  • Analysis of bagged soil samples, fully prepared soil samples, in-situ soil and rock samples, mine-face analysis, and core samples
  • Highly accurate and repeatable data
  • Light, ergonomic design allows for all-day handheld  or table-top use without fatigue
  • Intuitive user interface makes Bruker mineral assay guns easy to use
  • Accurate, precise factory calibrations for soils and geological/rock samples for quick quantitative elemental data, as well as custom calibration software so users can create site-specific and/or calibrations
  • Completely non-destructive analysis
  • Analytical range is magnesium through uranium; analyze light elements without any extra hardware, attachments, gas flushes, etc.
  • Optional integrated camera allows users to perfectly position the instrument over the desired analysis area, as well as save an image of the analysis area along with the elemental composition results

Whether your task is exploration or laboratory mineral assay, a Bruker mineral assay gun is the right tool for you. Out in the field, in the lab, in the mine, and anywhere else, you can rely on a Bruker mineral assay gun to provide real-time elemental data to guide your operations. Get in touch with our mineral assay experts today to discuss your specific needs.