Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Portable x-ray fluorescence—also known as PXRF—is a portable form of elemental analysis instruments based on x-ray fluorescence technology. Portable x-ray fluorescence works just like a bench-top EDXRF instrument, but you can take it anywhere and conduct analysis outdoors, on the assembly line, in the mine, or just about anywhere else you can imagine. Contact the portable XRF experts at Bruker today to discuss your particular PXRF needs.

S1 TITAN pXRF analyzer

Bruker portable XRF guns offer several distinct advantages, including:

  • Lightweight, completely portable instrument can be used anywhere, all day
  • Completely non-destructive analysis; sample is not altered in any way
  • Analytical range from magnesium to uranium (Mg-U)
  • Fast! Quantitative analysis results within 5 seconds (depending on sample type)
  • Excellent accuracy; laboratory-quality sample preparation yields near lab-quality results as good as any bench top EDXRF analyzer
  • Exceedingly repeatable and precise
  • The utmost in ease-of-use; can be used effectively after one day of training or less (depending on application)
  • Comes with software and hardware packages that are purpose-designed to meet the needs of your specific industry
  • Contains an on-board, user-editable alloy library
  • Offers fast, easy alloy grade identification
  • Can be set up in a pass/fail mode for regulatory compliance purposes or to sort materials by certain elemental concentration action levels
  • Optional onboard camera and small area analysis hardware to make it possible to analyze small objects (such as a solder joint on a printed circuit board)

Get in touch with the portable x-ray fluorescence experts at Bruker to find out more about PXRF and discuss your specific analytical needs.