Precious Metal Extraction from Electronics

The gold recycling boom, the rise in price of precious metals, and the evolving worldwide regulations requiring the environmentally safe disposal and recycling of electronics have contributed to more complicated, diversified, and specialized precious metals recycling processes. Industrial recycling of precious metals extracted from scrap electronics is a field in which materials analysis and precision are of the utmost importance due to the value of the material and the small size of the components that are extracted and processed.  For efficient, profitable operations, such electronics recycling businesses require analytical tools in order to identify the exact material makeup of each electronic component and extract the maximum value from each. To learn how Bruker handheld precious metal analyzers can make a difference in your specific operation, contact a Bruker technical sales or applications expert.

Bruker precious metal analyzers are a robust, highly precise analytical tool for a large variety of precious metal in electronics samples, including:

  • Pins
  • Connectors and connecting wires
  • Connection strips
  • Relay contacts
  • Switch contacts
  • Solder joints

Precious metals electronic components are found in most electronics, from aerospace electronics to consumer cellular phones. For the potential volume and diversity of incoming electronics recycling scrap that a facility might encounter, analytical technologies that can quickly identify various precious metals and their purity are essential to efficiency and maximal profitability.

The Bruker S1 TITAN is ideally suited for identification of precious metals in electronics scrap, with benefits and features designed with the analysis of electronic components in mind.  The Bruker S1 TITAN offers the following unique benefits:

  • Handheld, ergonomic design for comfortable all day use without fatigue
  • Completely non-destructive analysis
  • Extremely accurate quantitative analysis
  • Small spot analysis capabilities with choice of spot size (3mm, 5mm or 8mm) to isolate small components from a larger context, such as would be the case when analyzing a specific solder joint on a populated PCB
  • An integrated camera allows user to visually pinpoint and save images of specific component or analysis area
  • Provides complete metal or alloy chemistry for easy identification of precious metal alloys
  • Easy to use, even for a novice user
  • Most samples are accurately analyzed within a matter of seconds
  • Can be used as a laboratory instrument with a test stand and analysis software

To find out more about how to increase precious metal electronics recycling yield while reducing errors, contact a Bruker technical sales or applications expert.


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