RoHS Screening & RoHS Compliance

Testing children's toys with the S1 TITAN

Regulations restricting hazardous substances in consumer and industrial electronics have been implemented worldwide over the last decade, with responsibility for compliance resting on the shoulders of the entire supply chain from raw materials suppliers to final product manufacturers. This group of regulations—commonly known as Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations—restricts five core substances, with some additional substances that vary by country.

The five core substances that are restricted by virtually every nation that has such regulations are lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Mg), chromium (Cr), and bromine (Br). These elements can potentially be found in a variety of electronic components including PCBs, solder, fire retardant agents, etc. In order to ensure compliance and product safety, manufacturers need tools to quickly screen for the presence of these restricted hazardous elements. The process of RoHS screening is a staple of due diligence for every part of the electronic supply chain. The BRUKER S1 TITAN is a purpose-built RoHS screening tool.

RoHS Testing with the Bruker S1 TITAN

The Bruker S1 TITAN is a robust analytical tool for RoHS screening and testing. The S1 TITAN provides significant advantages over other RoHS compliance tools:

  • Handheld and nondestructive, so screening and analysis can be conducted anywhere without altering the sample in any way
  • RoHS screening for presence/absence restricted elements can be completed within a matter of seconds for any given sample, increasing throughput to reduce risk
  • Go beyond screening to obtain complete chemistry with quantitative analysis of restricted elements
  • Analyze a variety of materials including alloys, polymers, populated printed circuit boards, raw materials, etc.
  • Set up a pass/fail paradigm to correspond to specific regulations
  • Optional adjustable small spot analysis area for samples of any size can be tested accurately
  • Optional built-in camera allows for perfect positioning of the instrument’s analysis area over the area of interest and saves an image of the sample with the analysis results.

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Other Compliance Testing Applications: