Manual XRF Scanner for Analyzing Materials

An XRF scanner is an elemental analysis tool that allows the user to determine the elemental composition of virtually any solid sample. Bruker offers several lines of handheld XRF scanners to meet every analytical need, from rugged industrial instruments to state-of-the-art, near lab-quality analyzers. Contact Bruker today to request information specific to your needs and industry, and learn how a Bruker XRF scanner can help you streamline your business, meet due diligence, regulatory requirements, and more.

A Bruker portable, handheld XRF scanner can detect elements in virtually any sample in the range from magnesium to uranium (Mg-U). In the case of naturally homogeneous samples, or samples that are homogenized specifically for the purpose of XRF analysis, near laboratory-quality quantitative analysis results are achievable. Examples of such samples include alloys; soil samples that have been prepared by drying and sieving; polymers; and any other homogeneous sample of sufficient density.

Other important benefits of Bruker XRF scanners include:

  • Completely non-destructive analysis means that your sample is exactly the same after analysis as it was before analysis
  • Highly accurate, precise, and repeatable results
  • Lightweight, ergonomic designs lend themselves to use anywhere at any time: in the field, on the factory floor, in QA/QC, in the lab, testing in-service components, and anywhere else elemental composition data may be needed
  • Most analyses are completed within a matter of seconds
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Calibrations for many material types including soils, geological/mining samples, alloys, precious metals, and more
  • Access to both quantitative and raw spectral data for quantitative, qualitative, and semi-quantitative analysis
  • Data is saved automatically for easy reporting and streamlined due diligence
  • Excellent support from knowledgeable Bruker staff scientists and technical specialists
  • Integrated color touchscreen display and interface for easy use, instant on-screen results, and one fully integrated, portable machine
  • Some models can be fitted with an optional integrated camera, allowing users to perfectly position the XRF scanner over the desired analysis area and save an image of the analysis area
  • Some models can come with an optional integrated small spot collimator that allows users to isolate small components for analysis

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