Luxendo Light-Sheet Microscopes


The multiview light-sheet microscope enabling 3D imaging of optically cleared samples

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MuVi SPIM CS Enabling 3D Imaging of Optically Cleared Samples

The sample chamber, the illumination, and the detection unit in the octagon are adapted to match the experimental needs in terms of sample size, refractive index, field-of-view, and resolution, adding high flexibility to the system.


Cleared Sample Module

The Cleared Sample Module makes the MuVi SPIM geometry suitable for large cleared sample imaging. The exchangeable cleared sample octagon and an overhead sample positioning unit installed on the microscope’s top plate makes it fully compatible with the live sample version of the MuVi SPIM.

The octagon can be easily removed from the microscope for maintenance and cleaning of the sample chamber and the objective lenses that have been exposed to the mounting solution. The sample chamber is compatible with a broad range of solutions used in different clearing protocols. Available in two different sizes (max. volumes of 20 ml and 33 ml), the sample chamber can accommodate large samples such as mouse brains and other complete organs. Sample mounting from above enables easy sample access and optimized travel range suited for various mounting methods (e.g. hook, plate, pin or cuvette).

Flexible illumination and detection configurations leverage the MuVi SPIM CS to meet your application needs and allow imaging of a great variety of samples at high speed and high resolution.

Illumination and Detection

The MuVi SPIM CS can achieve a resolution down to 300nm in 3D (at a wavelength of 500nm), enabling imaging of large optically cleared samples with high resolution.

Two Nikon 10x 0.3 NA air objective lenses project two aligned light sheets from opposing directions on the sample. Detection includes high numerical aperture, multi-immersion objective lenses, with 20x and 10x magnification. An additional magnification changer results in a total magnification that ranges from 7.5x to 30x. You can choose the set of illumination and detection objective lenses according to the experimental needs.

Lux DATA - A Comprehensive Data Processing and Storage Solution

Cutting-edge biological imaging like light-sheet microscopy, but also super-resolution or two-photon imaging, generates a vast amount of data required to provide researchers with all the relevant information about their samples. However, storage, transfer, and processing of the data remain a challenge.


Cleared-Sample / Cleared-Tissue Applications

Browse a selection of applications data from our customers below. Researchers are using MuVi SPIM CS in a variety of ways including studies.

Cleared Mouse Lymph Node

Cleared mouse lymph node. High endothelial venules (642 nm, red) and autofluorescence (488 nm, green) to visualize surrounding tissue. Imaged on the MuVi SPIM CS.

Courtesy of:
Jens Stein
University of Bern
Bern, Switzerland

Mouse Lymph Node

BABB-cleared mouse lymph node. High endothelial venules (red) and autofluorescence (green) to visualize surrounding tissue. Imaged on the QuVi SPIM.

Courtesy of:
Jens Stein
University of Bern
Bern, Switzerland

Neuronal network (stained with GFP) of a CUBIC-cleared mouse brain

Color-coded depth representation: maximal depth displayed 1.23 mm.
Imaged on the MuVi SPIM CS.

Courtesy of:
Montserrat Coll Lladó
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Barcelona, Spain

Cleared Mouse Head

Labeled with anti-tuj1 (green) to mark developing nerves and with anti-desmin (red) to mark differentiating muscles. Tiled image (6 × 5). Imaged on the MuVi SPIM CS.

Courtesy of:
Glenda Comai
Institut Pasteur
Paris, France



Illumination Detection
Effective Magnification
Field of View Pixel Size Optical Resolution
10x / 0.3 NA Olympus 20x / 1.0 NA




890 µm

665 µm

445 µm

434 nm

325 nm

217 nm

10x / 0.3 NA Nikon 10x / 0.5 NA




1775 µm

1330 µm

890 µm

867 nm

650 nm

434 nm

600 nm

Illumination Optics

  • Chromatic correction from 440 to 660 nm
  • Light-sheet generation by beam scanning
  • Flexible light-sheet thickness (2 µm to 8 µm)
  • 2 Nikon 10x 0.3 NA air objective lenses
  • 2 identical illumination arms

Detection Optics

  • Different combinations of lenses possible:
        - 1 Nikon 20x 1.0 NA 8 mm WD multi-immersion
        - 1 Nikon 10x 0.5 NA 5.5 mm WD multi-immersion
  • 1 or 2 detection arms, each equipped with a fast filter wheel (10 positions and 50 ms switching time between adjacent positions)
  • Filters adapted to the selected laser lines
  • 1 or 2 high-speed sCMOS cameras Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0 V3
  • Maximum frame rate >80 fps at full frame (2048 × 2048 pixels of 6.5 µm × 6.5 µm size) and up to 500 fps at subframe cropping
  • Peak quantum efficiency (QE): 82% @ 560nm

Sample Chamber

Sample Chamber Size

Detection Depth (z) Width (y) Height (x)
10x 27mm 30mm 40mm
20x 27mm 30mm 40mm

Maximum Imageable Sample Size (ellipsoid shape)

Detection Depth (z) Width (y) Height (x)
10x 11.6mm 15mm 20mm
20x 16.4mm 15mm 20mm



Luxendo's intuitive user interface offers a simple setup and execution of multidimensional experiments, while real-time control is handled by an embedded controller to ensure microsecond-precision timing independent of the PC’s performance fluctuations.

Precise timing control of all connected devices is a prerequisite for reliable experimental outcomes. Full control of data streaming to storage as well as GPU-supported image processing further complements the overall performance.

Electronics, Microscope Software and Computer

  • Embedded microscope software with an open communication interface: documented API, TCP/IP-based communication
  • Flexible GUI for interactive microscope control and experiment design
  • Computer with 256 GB RAM, Intel dual 8 core CPU
  • High-speed RAID controller for data streaming, 8×4 TB local storage in RAID 0
  • GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card
  • 2 x 10 Gbit/s, 2 x 1 Gbit/s, optional 2 x  optical port 
  • 43 inch 4k UHD display


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