Label-free Techniques for Drug Discovery

This webinar took place on August 13, 2018

Webinar Overview - Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and MALDI Mass Spectrometry for Primary (HTS) and Secondary Screening

The webinar will update on latest developments in MALDI mass spectrometry for high-throughput screening and CPD profiling (rapifleX MALDI PharmaPulse) and introduce Bruker's new surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument, the SIERRA SPR-32. Beside technical details explaining the latest developments, synergies between MALDI mass spectrometry and SPR will be discussed.

Key Topics

  • Primary and Secondary Screening in Drug Discovery
  • Label-free technologies to reduce artefacts / importance of controls in SPR experiments
  • Kinetic characterization: Determination of KDon- and KDoff-rates of compounds (SPR)
  • Automation strategies to maximize throughput (SPR and MALDI)


Dr. Meike Hamester

Director Small Molecule Pharma Business

Dr. Meike Hamester studied chemistry at the University of Hamburg, Germany. She worked 18 years in the field of mass spectrometry at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Since 2012 Meike works for BRUKER Daltonik in Bremen.

Sven Malik

Senior Application Specialist, Bruker Daltonics SPR

Sven studied bioprocess engineering at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany and graduated in 2012. During his diploma studies he developed inverse assays for capture-molecules using surface plasmon resonance. He then focused on aptamers to establish a monitorable SELEX-process and investigated the interaction of cytomegalovirus protein pp65 against certain antibodies. Sven is based at Bruker Daltonics in Hamburg, Germany.


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