LC Free Phenomics and Metabolomics and Beyond Using MRMS

This webinar took place on November 13, 2018

Webinar Overview - Learn More about LC-Free Phenomics, Metabolomics and Beyond Using MRMS aXelerate

Duration: 45 minutes

As biobanks and clinics open their doors to the promise of metabolic phenotyping for understanding population health, powerful analytical solutions capable of large-scale deployment are needed. The chemical complexity of clinical samples is traditionally measured by mass spectrometry hyphenation with GC or LC.  While powerful, the performance of these approaches is dependent on the time invested in chromatographic separation, limiting sample throughput and narrowing the metabolic coverage to only those species amenable to the chromatographic method used.

MRMS aXelerate® is a rapid and innovative workflows utilizing Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) with ultra-high resolution magnetic resonance mass spectrometry (MRMS) achieving broad metabolic profiles in minutes. Metabolite identification is based on high mass accuracy (<500 ppb) and Isotopic Fine Structure (IFS).

We invite you to join this webinar to stay up-to-date on recent advancements in workflow using FIA with MRMS to achieve broad metaboloic profiles in minutes. Watch it whenever you want.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.