Qualitative and Quantitative Bioanalysis of Antibody Drug conjugates (ADCs) using Mass Spectrometry

This webinar took place on November 17, 2019

Webinar Overview

Duration: 40 minutes

Antibody drug conjugates are growing class of biotherapeutics that typically consist of three distinct components, monoclonal antibody, linker and cytotoxic drug. Reliable interpretation and understanding of the fate of ADCs and its biotransformation in-vivo is very important for drug discovery and development. Accurate quantification of the dynamic changes of the ADCs in plasma such as deconjugation and different drug to antibody ratios (DAR) can impact its safety and efficacy. In the last decade, advances in LCMS techniques have enabled both qualitative and quantitative bioanalyses of these complex entities. This webinar will cover examples from both qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of ADCs using ultra high-resolution Bruker maxis II QTOF MS.

We invite you to join this webinar to stay up-to-date on recent advancements in mass spectrometry.

Key Topics

  • Assess the biotransformation of antibody drug conjugates using of high resolution mass spectrometry
  • Support ADC pharmacokinetic studies with of intact mass protein quantitation methods

Who Should Attend?

  • Biophysical characterization scientists
  • R&D and early stage biotherapeutics development, such as clone screening and stability testing scientists
  • DMPK scientist supporting programs involving complex Proteins
  • Scientist developing next generation mAb based therapeutics such as ADCs and bispecifics


Hetal Savaiya

Associate Director

Hetal is currently an Associate Director at Abbvie South San Francisco, leading the Protein Science-Analytics group. My team develops biophysical, analytical, and bioanalytical methods using HPLC and Mass-Spec to support a variety of different ADC/Biologics programs from early discovery through preclinical evaluation. I received my MS in Biomedical Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2006. Prior to joining AbbVie, I worked at Momenta Pharmaceuticals and Merck. I have 13+ years of industry experience in developing Mass -Spec based approaches for analytical and bioanalytical characterization of different biotherapeutics modalities (mAbs, bispecifics, fusion proteins, nanobodies, and ADCs), as well as biosimilars. My research work has also covered proteomics and glycomics platform development to support translational research studies.


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