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Surface Characterization of Semiconductors: An Overview, from Topography to Advanced Physical Properties

Learn about Bruker’s high-performance metrology techniques for the nanometer-scale surface characterization of semiconductor materials and devices

Discover the most impactful innovations in semiconductor research.

This presentation focuses on Bruker’s solutions for nanometer-scale surface characterization of semiconductor materials and devices and the common questions and challenges facing scientists in this field. See real-time demonstrations of Bruker technology and the latest and moste effective techniques available to semiconductor materials researchers.

Find out more about the technology featured in this webinar or our other solutions for surface characterization of semiconductor materials:

Recorded on April 21, 2021

Discover The Latest in High-Performance Surface Metrology

This workshop highlights how Bruker’s high-performance metrology techniques can provide new impulses for your research and assist in the nanometer-scale surface characterization of semiconductor materials and devices.

Our automated metrology solutions enable the streamlining of nanomechanical property sampling, from nanoscale-to-microscale indentation to surface roughness measurement, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP), and etch-depth measurements on the most current technology nodes and wafers.

We demonstrate the capabilities of high-resolution, in-situ scanning probe microscopy (SPM) imaging, high-speed mechanical property mapping, and Optical (WLI) Profiling and Stylus Profiling to provide an in-depth explorationof material behavior at the nanoscale, ideal for R&D and the monitoring and improvement of manufacturing processes.

Program Overview

On Demand Access Session Length Title Speaker(s)
Watch Now 35 Minutes Semiconductor 3D Metrology Using Optical & Stylus Profiling Dr. Samuel Lesko, Sr. Manager, Optical Metrology Applications & Dr. Mickael Febvre, Application Manager
Watch Now 20 Minutes CMP Tribology Dr. Udo Volz, Application Scientist
Watch Now 20 Minutes Mechanical Characterization of Semiconductor Samples and Devices Dr. Ude Hangen, Nanoindentation Application Manager
Watch Now 35 Minutes Highest Resolution 3D Metrology & Advanced Physical Property Characterization of Semiconductor Samples and Devices Dr. Vishal Panchal, Application Scientist & Dr. Hartmut Stadler, Application Scientist


Peter Dewolf, Ph.D.
Worldwide Application Director, Bruker Nano Surfaces & Metrology

Peter De Wolf received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from the University Leuven, Belgium in 1998. His PhD work focused on the development of SPM based electrical characterization methods for semiconductors at IMEC in Belgium. He is co-inventor of several SPM methods & holder of several patents. Since 1998, Peter De Wolf works at Bruker (formerly Digital Instruments & Veeco Instruments) in both Santa Barbara, USA and Paris, France. At Bruker he held positions as R&D engineer and application development scientist and contributed in the development of electrical SPM methods including SSRM, TUNA, SCM, and DataCube methods. Currently, he is Worldwide Director of Applications – leading an international team of experts in SPM with laboratories located in Europe, USA, Asia and Japan, covering a broad range of SPM applications and operating modes

Samuel Lesko, Ph.D.
Dir. of Technology and Apps Development for Tribology, Stylus & Optical Profilers, Bruker


Samuel Lesko has over 20 years of optical and stylus profiler applications experience, particularly in using white-light interferometry in a wide variety of fields, from MEMS and semiconductor to automotive and aerospace. He is a member of SME and part of ISO/TC 213/WG committee (areal roughness) and obtained his physics Ph.D. and material science engineering degree at the University of Burgundy in France.

Mickael Febvre, Ph.D.
Application Manager, Bruker EMEA

Udo Volz, Ph.D., Applications Engineer, Bruker EMEA

Ude Hangen, Ph.D.
Applications Manager, Bruker EMEA

Vishal Panchal, Ph.D.
Sales Applications Scientist, Bruker EMEA

Hartmut Stadler, Ph.D.
Applications Engineer, Bruker Nano GmbH

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