Luxendo Light-Sheet Microscopes


The multiview light-sheet microscope designed for photomanipulation

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MuVi SPIM PM with Photomanipulation

Whether you want to cut structures within cells and tissues (photoablation), photobleach fluorescence in selected regions of interest for FRAP or activate proteins for optogenetics, the MuVi SPIM PM module can be configured to meet your needs by choosing between three different types of lasers systems. It can be added to both MuVi SPIM LS and CS (photomanipulation only possible when LS octagon mounted).



The MuVi SPIM PM illumination beam is coupled into the right-side detection objective lens, creating a diffraction-limited illumination spot. Its size is determined by the properties of the detection objective lens.

A 2D scanner allows to freely position the illumination spot in 3D in the sample while it is being imaged – fully integrated in the acquisition software. Complex illumination regions (point, straight and freeform line, square) are either part of the experimental workflow or can be defined interactively on the fly while a 3D imaging experiment is carried out.

For different applications, the MuVi SPIM PM can be configured with different types of lasers, ranging from CW UV to pulsed IR lasers.

Lux DATA - A Comprehensive Data Processing and Storage Solution

Cutting-edge biological imaging like light-sheet microscopy, but also super-resolution or two-photon imaging, generates a vast amount of data required to provide researchers with all the relevant information about their samples. However, storage, transfer, and processing of the data remain a challenge.


Photomanipulation Applications

Microglia Response to Axonal Damage

The axon of a neuron in the zebrafish brain was selectively dissected by means of IR laser ablation (MuVi SPIM). Thirty minutes after ablation, four microglia reached the damaged axon.

Image taken from:
de Medeiros, G., Kromm, D., Balazs, B. et al. Cell and tissue manipulation with ultrashort infrared laser pulses in light-sheet microscopy. Sci Rep 10, 1942(2020).




Detection Objective Adressable FOV  
Olympus 20x / 1.0 NA 600 µm  
Nikon 16x / 0.8 NA 830 µm  

Illumination Optics

  • Chromatic correction from 400 to 700 nm (UV/VIS) or from 780 to 1100 nm (IR)
  • Flexible ROI generation by beam scanning, available ROIs: point, straight and freeform line, square
  • Full software control
  • Diffraction-limited spot
  • Coupled into the right detection objective lens


Available lasers

  • Pulsed IR laser 1030–1040 nm, 200 fs pulse length, 1.5 W, for photoablation
  • Up to two CW diode lasers, between 405 and 685 nm, up to 100 mW for photoactivation, photobleaching, optogenetics
  • CW or pulsed laser 780 nm, 100 fs pulse length, up to 500 mW, for photoactivation, optogenetics


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