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FT-IR Surface Analysis Techniques (part I)

Surface science, the study of physical and chemical phenomena occurring at the interface of two phases, is becoming an essential scientific discipline. It includes concepts such as heterogeneous catalysis, semiconductor, fuel cell, self-assembled monolayers and adhesive. With this webinar we want to give you an overview of the surface analysis techniques using FT-IR spectroscopy:

  • Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR)
  • Specular Reflection
  • (Polarization Modulation) Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy (IRRAS)
  • Diffuse Reflection (DRIFT)


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INVENIO X: Fully automated multispectral range FT-IR R&D spectrometer

INVENIO is Bruker’s next generation and fully upgradeable FT-IR platform from sophisticated routine to advanced research applications. The new INVENIO X with patented INTEGRALTM interferometer represents the multispectral range R&D spectrometer with the world’s highest degree of automation. Combining the pioneering 5x MultiTect technology and the INTEGRALTM interferometer with integrated automatic 3x beam splitter changer provides unmatched flexibility and performance for advanced R&D applications. A long list of further smart features, such as the additional TransitTM sample compartment, the flexible high performance optics path with up to 7 internal detectors, electronically coded windows, optional embedded touch panel with dedicated software and many more. With this webinar we will provide you an overview of the INVENIO R&D capabilities including many interesting application examples.


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Infrared and Raman Analysis of Geological Samples

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Failure and Damage Analysis in Polymer Industries

Using three examples from his daily work, M. Doedt will highlight typical problems in the processing, use and production of plastic products.


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Quality control of milk and dairy products at the speed of light

Are you involved in quality control of milk and dairy products in the laboratory or production floor? Are you working in the food industry using dairy based raw materials in your production process? Join our free webinar with Dr. Steve Holroyd and Dr. Andreas Niemöller to learn about the latest technology, how Fonterra makes use of it and what's new at IDF regarding quality control.


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Raman Microscopy – Spatial Resolution and Light Diffraction – SENTERRA II

The achievable spatial resolution in Raman microscopy is ultimately limited by physical laws (diffraction of light). We revisit the physical principles and try to reach the limits of Bruker’s Raman microscope.


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The Role of Raman Spectroscopy in the QA/QC Laboratory

The role of the modern QA/QC laboratory has evolved into one where problems of almost any type are encountered. Product analysis is conducted using a variety of scientific instrumentation, some destructive and some not. Specificity and sensitivity are key elements of any analytical tool to be employed in this environment.


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Applications of Raman Microscopy in Pharmaceutical Analysis

During this webinar, we will review the unique features of Bruker’s Senterra II Raman microscope which offers research-grade spectroscopic...

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