MALDI Imaging Reveals New Insight into Glycan Distributions in Cancerous Tissues

MALDI Imaging Reveals New Insight into Glycosylation and Glycan Distributions in Cancerous Tissues

This webinar took place on November 27th 2018

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"MALDI Imaging reveals new insight into glycosylation and glycan distributions in cancerous tissues"

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Learn more about how MALDI Imaging Reveals New Insight into Glycosylation and Glycan Distributions in Cancerous Tissues

Duration: 45 minutes

With MALDI Imaging, we have an incredible tool for mapping a wide range of compounds in tissue specimens without molecular labeling.  Such versatility, combined with the robustness and reliability of MALDI, can produce hundreds to thousands of molecular images from each specimen. For any researcher who is conducting tissue-based omics studies of disease using classical LC-MS based approaches, MALDI Imaging can restore a spatial perspective that is lost during homogenization and provide the regional or cellular origin of putative biomarkers.

The scientific literature contains hundreds of MALDI Imaging studies that show correlation of protein expression to disease stage or that protein signals can effectively classify diseased cells. Further, post-translational modifications such as glycosylations are known to be strongly influenced by cancer progression and a select group of researchers have found a way to expand the scope of protein imaging to examine the relationship of glycosylations and cancer progression. In this webinar, we discuss the complementarity of MALDI Imaging and LC-MS omics using specific examples of its application in the new sub-field of glycan imaging.
Learn how the use of MALDI Imaging is used to map a wide range of compound tissue specimens without molecular labeling.

We invite you to join this webinar to stay up-to-date on recent advancements in MALID Imaging. Watch it whenever you want.

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