The Ultimate Tool for Spectral Imaging

  • Ultra-fast point resolved spectra accumulation and spectra processing
  • Selectable scan area, resolution and scan speed
  • Data accumulation with frame averaging in a special data base
  • Image drift correction for long time measurements (optional)
  • Mapping functions:

    • automatically optimized ROI setting for selected elements according to measurement conditions
    • live background subtraction and peak deconvolution
    • free selection of display colors and color intensity for all maps
    • automatic and interactive contrast and brightness control
    • powerful integrated image mixer for multi-color mappings, background subtraction, or image preprocessing
    • additive and multiplicative electron image overlay for high-resolution element imaging and presentation
    • automatic map image filter and separate filters for maps and electron image
    • overlay image for markers, legends and free user graphics
    • interactive length, area, and angle measurement with result presentation in overlay graphic
    • export of single element maps or mix images in all common graphic formats
    • support for twain export and windows clip-board

Pitchblende HyperMap
HyperMap of a pitchblende sample
showing a spectrum extracted from
a region and quant results of this

  • Spectra processing:

    • standardless quantitative element mapping, improved statistics for quantification by virtual reduction of point resolution
    • different objects (rectangle, ellipse, polygon) selectable for generation of sum spectra from collected data base, to be carried out simultaneously or after acquisition
    • setting of lines for extraction on line scans, including option of broadening the line to improve count statistics
    • spectra evaluation with all selectable evaluation methods
    • result list generation or successive result display
    • single object spectra can be individually renamed, saved, processed or evaluated
    • spectra and results export functionality using project, report, save file, Excel export, graphic export or windows clipboard

  • Save and load the accumulated data base (spectra, SEM image, element maps, selected objects with sum spectra)

MaximumPixelSpectrum – The tool for finding traces of elements in a HyperMap

Maximum Pixel Spectrum of a Pitchblende
Comparison between Maximum Pixel
Spectrum (blue) and sum spectrum
(red) of a monazite containing granite
sample. The Maximum Pixel Spectrum
contains the elements, S, Cl, Ce, Nd
and Th which are not visible in the
sum spectrum

MaximumPixelSpectrum - or just ESPRIT MaxSpec - is a most useful add-on to ESPRIT HyperMap. It allows to determine the existence of elements in a map, even if they are concentrated to a few pixels only. This is attained through the calculation of a synthetic spectrum from the highest count levels in the same channels of all spectra in the HyperMap hyperspectral database.