This tool provides fully automatic element identification and standardless quantification. It supports continuous identification and quantification preview during spectra acquisition:

  • Auto-start and batch processing for complete spectra data bases
  • Various predefined spectra evaluation methods for typical analytical cases:

    • standardless analysis for polished samples, rough surfaces and
      particles (P/B-ZAF)
    • standardless analysis for thin layers (P/B-FILM)
    • standardless analysis for light elements (TQuant)
    • standardless analysis for Micro-XRF

  • Background subtraction based on physical bremsstrahlung modeling
  • optimized methods for peak deconvolution and fitting

    • optimized least squares peak fit
    • optimized single peak deconvolution

  • Comprehensive and accurate atomic data base for all analytic line series (K, L, M and N-lines)
  • Carbon coating compensation including calibration tool
  • Display of non-normalized and normalized results
  • Calculation of error propagation for statistical and systematic errors