High Resolution EBSD Pattern Simulation

Composite of Kinematic and Dynamical Austenite Pattern Simulation

ESPRIT DynamicS is a powerful and hardware-independent dynamical EBSD (Electron Backscatter Diffraction) pattern simulation software, meaning it can be an important aid to users of any EBSD system in the market.

The method of EBSD relies on the analysis of electron Kikuchi patterns which are obtained from microscopic regions of a sample in a scanning electron microscope. The pattern simulations provided by ESPRIT DynamicS greatly facilitate highly accurate analysis of crystal orientations and phases. Using a revolutionary software engine, the program makes full use of available computing power to provide realistic pattern simulations within shortest times. The wealth of detail compared to standard pattern simulations in combination with advanced software tools supports highest demands in EBSD pattern analysis.

ESPRIT DynamicS provides all common simulation approaches for EBSD patterns, from simple kinematic models to sophisticated simulations using the dynamical theory of electron diffraction, which show the highest level of realism.


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Advances in EBSD Analysis Using Novel Dynamical Pattern Simulation Software

The software supports the import of crystallographic phase definitions in various formats, e.g. ESPRIT XML phase list files, CIF (Crystallographic Information File) and CEL (PowderCell). Arbitrary EBSD patterns can be imported in common graphics formats. Simulation results are stored in form of a master file describing the complete diffraction data for a specific phase. This facilitates the subsequent real-time projection and rotation of the simulated data. Users can set the program to their needs and experts can tweak many of the simulation parameters to further optimize their results.


ESPRIT DynamicS is designed to support

  • Simulation of EBSD pattern fine structure:

    • HOLZ (Higher-Order Laue Zone) rings
    • Patterns of non-centrosymmetric crystals
    • Detection of changes in lattice parameters (e.g. presence of strain)
    • Pattern intensity variations due to changes in chemical composition
    • Energy-dependent EBSD, i.e. changes to patterns in dependence on microscope acceleration voltage

  • Highly accurate phase identification, including small particles using TKD (Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction)
  • Exact orientation analysis
  • System calibration (pattern center, sample-to-screen distance)

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