Semiconductor Solutions

Process equipment and metrology systems for current and future semiconductor manufacturing processes

Advanced Solutions for Semiconductor

Bruker's suite of technologies for semiconductor manufacturing address critical metrology and process needs across the broadest range of applications from R&D to process improvement. 75% of the world's top 25 semiconductor manufacturers rely on Bruker metrology tools for front-end and back-end applications, including development of their next-generation products. Bruker commitment to innovation and technology leadership drives the continued release of new advancements in metrology, and has garnered numerous awards and industry recognition. 


Automated AFM Metrology

Automated AFM metrology solutions reliably measure surface roughness, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP), and etch-depth features
Wafer being cleaned with crygenic CO2 process

Cryo Dry Cleaning

Cryogenic CO₂ Cleaning Systems remove contaminants and residues from wafers and electronic devices
SmartProber during measurement on silicon wafer

Current-In-Plane Tunneling (CIPT)

Current-In-Plane Tunneling is a very fast and cost effective method to characterize Magnetic Tunnel Junctions (MTJ’s).

Nanomechanical Metrology Tools

Automated metrology solutions deliver high-speed, high-resolution, highest-sensitivity mechanical property and/or interfacial adhesion measurements

Photomask Repair

Precise, accurate photomask repair systems address the critical production issue of controlling pattern defects on high-end photomasks
Stylus Profilometers

Stylus Metrology

Surface roughness characterization, step height measurements, and film stress analyses

Film Thickness and RI Semi Metrology

Specialized thin film metrology systems for wafer and CD metrology, designed to meet requirements not measurable with conventional equipment

White Light Interferometry

Advanced WLI profilers provide robust metrology-based inspection for advanced packaging applications
TriboLab CMP Tribometer and Mechanical Tester

TriboLab CMP

R&D-scale process and material characterization system for wafer polishing processes

X-Ray Defect Inspection

Bruker defect detection systems detect crystalline defects, such as cracks, slip, dislocations, and micropipes on single-crystal substrates

X-Ray Metrology for Compound Semi

Diverse x-ray metrology systems deliver high-quality QC monitoring and detailed R&D analysis of epi-layer films

X-Ray Metrology for Silicon Semi

Non-destructive x-ray metrology solutions for thin-films identifying substrate defects and performing front end of line control of epi films and high-k dielectrics, as well as analyzing metal films and wafer-level packaging bumps


How Can We Help?

Bruker partners with our customers to solve real-world application issues. We develop next-generation technologies and help customers select the right system and accessories. This partnership continues through training and extended service, long after the tools are sold.

Our highly trained team of support engineers, application scientists and subject-matter experts are wholly dedicated to maximizing your productivity with system service and upgrades, as well as application support and training.