Key Publications

Year Tech Tool Description Publisher
2014 HRXRD JVX7300LSI Optical properties of pseudomorphic Ge1−xSnx (x = 0 to 0.11) alloys on Ge(001) AIP
2014 HRXRD JVX7300LSI Benefit of Combining Metrology Techniques for Thin SiGe Layers ASMC
2014 HRXRD JVX7300LSI Measurement of periodicity and strain in arrays of single crystal silicon and pseudomorphic Si1−xGex/Si fin structures using x-ray reciprocal space maps AIP
2012 XRDI JVSensus - QCTT Prediction of the propagation probability of individual cracks in brittle single crystal materials AIP
2011 HRXRD - XRR JVX7300LSI Metrology of epitaxial thin-films by advanced HRXRD and XRR Electro IQ
2011 HRXRD / XRR JVX7300HR A Novel X-ray Diffraction and Reflectivity Tool for Front-End of Line Metrology FCMN2011
2010 HRXRD QC3 / QCVelox Production metrology of advanced LED structures using high-resolution X-ray diffraction Solid State Technology
2008 HRXRD QC3 / QCVelox Mosaicity and stress effects on luminescence properties of GaN Physica Status Solidi (a)
2007 HRXRD QC3 / QCVelox Effect of thickness on structural and electrical properties of GaN films Grown on SiN-treated sapphire Journal of Crystal Growth
2007 HRXRD JVX7300LSI Asymmetric Relaxation of SiGe in Patterned Si Line Structures AIP Conf. Proc.
2007 HRXRD JVX7300LSI - JV-DX In-line characterization of HBT base layers by high-resolution X-ray diffraction ECS Trans.
2007 HRXRD JVX7300LSI - JV-DX X-ray metrology tool for new device materials and structures Fabtech Semiconductor
2007 XRR JVX7300LSI - JV-DX Ultra Low-κ Metrology Using X-Ray Reflectivity And Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Techniques AIP Conf. Proc.
2007 XRR JVX7300RF-T CMP Control of Multi-Layer Inter-Layer Dielectrics (ILD) using X-ray Reflectivity AIP Conf. Proc.
2007 XRR JVX7300LSI Characterization of Surface Preparation for Epitaxial SiGe Process using X-ray Reflectivity ECS Trans.
2006 XRR - XRF JVX7300RF-T Application of x-ray metrology in the characterization of metal gate thin films J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B
2006 XRR - XRD JVX7300LSI - JV-DX Nucleation and growth study of atomic layer deposited HfO2 gate dielectrics resulting in improved scaling and electron mobility J. Appl. Phys.
2006 HRXRD JVX7300LSI - JV-DX Selective Epitaxy of Si/SiGe to Improve pMOS Devices by Recessed Source/Drain and/or Buried SiGe Channels ECS Trans.
2005 XRR Combined XRR and RS Measurements of Nickel Silicide Films AIP Conf. Proc.
2005 HRXRD - XRR Accuracy and Repeatability of X-Ray Metrology AIP Conf. Proc.
2005 HRXRD Scans along arbitrary directions in Reciprocal space and the analysis of GaN films on SiC Journal of Physics D
2005 HRXRD MBE Growth and Properties of GaAsSbN/GaAs Single Quantum Wells MRS
2005 HRXRD Annealing effects on the temperature dependence of photoluminescence Characteristics of GaAsSbN single-quantum wells J. Appl. Phys.

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