Compact and Light

Assuring Minimal Interference with Instrument Operation

Icon Compact and Light-weight Design

The XFlash® 6 detectors reduces the strain on an electron microscope column significantly. The careful choice of its materials avoids influences on instrument performance through detector components, e.g. stray magnetic fields.

Advantages of compact and light-weight design

  • Minimal interference on the electron microscope
  • Reduced weight of less than 3.75 kg
  • Reduced overall height
  • New high precision motorized slider
  • Exact repositioning of the detector
  • New larger surface area heat sink
  • Optionally available with welded bellows

Maximum measurement flexibility through the VZ (variable Z)-Adapter

VZ Adapter for Detector Tilt
  • Tilt and move the detector into the optimum working distance
  • Maximized solid angle and count rate
  • Optimized in-situ adjustment of combined EDS and EBSD measurements