The Right Choice for any Application

Icon Detector Areas

Every analytical task has different requirements. Bruker offers detectors in different designs and with various active areas to ensure optimal conditions for any individual application. All detectors offer best
solid angle per active area.

XFlash® 6 | 10 – the best resolution SDD

  • 10 mm² detector delivering 121 eV at Mn Kα – the best resolution in the market
  • Excellent light element and low energy performance

XFlash® 6 | 30 – the highly efficient, versatile SDD

  • Mid-size 30 mm² SDD for both nano-analysis and high count rate spectral imaging
  • Perfect companion to high speed EBSD analysis

XFlash® 6 | 60 – the large area SDD for nano-analysis

  • 60 mm² SDD for low beam currents
  • Ideal for analysis of nanoparticles, biological samples and the like

XFlash® 6 | 100 – the largest area SDD for low current applications

  • 100 mm² active area for special analytical situations
  • The ideal choice for low beam current SEMs (cold field emitters) and very sensitive samples