Best Energy Resolution for Challenging Tasks

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XFlash® 6 is available with unrivaled 121 eV at Mn Kα, providing the excellent energy resolution needed to analyze complex samples – especially in the light element and low energy range below 1 keV.

Energy classes of the XFlash® 6 detectors

Resolution at
Mn Kα / eV
Resolution at
F Kα / eV
Resolution at
C Kα / eV


All XFlash® 6 resolutions are specified exceeding ISO 15632:2012.

Tungsten and Silicon Low Energy Spectra
Low energy range spectra acquired with
121 eV

The importance of good energy resolution is illustrated in the figure on the left. It contains an overlay of the low energy range of a Si and a W spectrum measured with the 121 eV XFlash® detector. Note that the excellent energy resolution of this detector is almost sufficient to separate the Si K and W M lines. Also the Si L line is clearly visible, although the excitation voltage is relatively high at 7 kV. The W N lines can be seen in the low energy slope of the carbon contamination peak. Deconvolution results, shown in the inset in the image, confirm this finding.