Versatile Signal Processing

Icon High Speed Pulse Processing

The new signal processing unit with hybrid technology is a key component of the new QUANTAX. It offers superior pulse processing speed and guarantees reliable results at any count rate. The processor is capable of up to 600 kcps output count rate at more than 1,500 kcps input.

Fast and accurate

  • Noise free sensor supply
  • Precise temperature control
  • Ultra high throughput
  • Optimum energy resolution
  • Automatic operation (user control optional)

Versatile and safe

  • Support of up to four XFlash® 6 detectors in one system
  • Separate slider control for each detector
  • Hardware and software interlock for safe detector operation
A Variety of Shaping Times Offered by the SVE 6 Signal Processor
Output vs. input count rate for selected
shaping times, specified by the
maximum output count rate they deliver

X-ray signal processors typically provide a variety of shaping times to adapt to different signal conditions. QUANTAX frees the user of the task of searching for the right selection by always choosing the optimum shaping time automatically.