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Compact and Light-Weight

Minimal Interference with TEM/STEM Performance

Icon Compact and Light-weight Design

XFlash® 6T detectors ensure minimum strain on an electron microscope column. The careful choice of detector materials minimizes influences on instrument performance through detector components, e.g. magnetic fields. The LN2-free passive thermoelectric cooling avoids vibrations and microphony.

Advantages of the compact and light-weight design

  • ƒƒMinimal interference with the electron microscope
  • ƒƒReduced weight of less than 3.75 kg
  • ƒƒReduced overall height
  • ƒƒNew high precision motorized slider
  • ƒƒExact repositioning of the detector
  • ƒƒNew larger surface area heat sink
  • Welded bellows are standard with XFlash® 6T