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The Best Energy Resolution for TEM Analysis

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XFlash® 6T for TEM / STEM is available with excellent 126 eV at Mn Kα, providing the energy resolution needed to analyze complex samples.

Energy classes of the XFlash® 6 detectors

Resolution at
Mn Kα / eV
Resolution at
F Kα / eV
Resolution at
C Kα / eV


All XFlash® 6 resolutions are specified exceeding ISO 15632:2012.

Deconvolution Results of a NiSi(Pt) Spectrum
Deconvolution results at low X-ray energy of a spectrum obtained from a NiSi(Pt)-NiSi2 junction on Si. The experimental spectrum is displayed as black outline and the deconvoluted quantified lines as solid colored peaks.


Good energy resolution shows its real strengths in the low energy range as our example from semiconductor research demonstrates. Peak deconvolution, particularly important for reliable quantification results, becomes much easier if the detector produces narrower peaks. As the figure shows this works well also for difficult overlaps like Pt N and C K and in noisy spectra.